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The Guardian ignition interlock device can get you back onto the road safely and legally after a DUI arrest. The device is a breath analyzer that is attached to the ignition system of your vehicle. In order to start your vehicle, you must first blow into the device. The device’s sensors determine whether your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above or below a preset legal limit. If it is below this limit, you may start your car. If it is above the limit, the device prevents your vehicle from starting.

Our device is one of the easiest-to-use systems available. The latest fuel cell alcohol-specific technology ensures that it provides the most accurate test results. It is also one of the smallest and most discreet devices on the market. It even has a removable handset that can act as an additional vehicle anti-theft device. DUIs are very expensive. After court fees, enrollment in alcohol education classes, restitutions, and DMV fees, you could be spending upward of $10,000. That is not even counting interlock devices.

At Jim's Blow & Go Interlock it is important to us to offer affordable Interlock devices. We realize this is an expensive process so we want to make this as affordable as possible.

My devices are Colorado-certified machines that are user-friendly. A breath alcohol ignition device can be ordered by the DMV or the courts. Proactive parents also install Interlock devices on teenage driver vehicles. Proactive Fleet Managers have also installed Interlock as a preventive measure.

My high quality devices are discreet and reliable, and they provide the best DUI prevention measures you can possibly have.

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